HBYC Club Race Trophies and Awards

Hello HBYC Racers. 

This year there will be 7 scheduled points races plus a Women At The Helm Race (no points) and a Hudson to Anclote Race with post race raft up (no points).  In addition I have left room in the schedule to permit participation in the Gulf Harbors YC Spring and Fall Regattas. 

Our Season Opener is scheduled for February 23.  Rules, handicaps and schedules are posted on the HBYC website. 

We will continue starts for both Multihull and Monohull classes.  However, this year I will combine the starts for Monohull and Multihull if there are 2 or less Multihulls.  We will also keep the modified PHRF handicaps established last year that provides a credit or penalty for sail material (type and age), a non-spinnaker offset allowance and a cruising equipment bulk allowance.  This has proven to greatly equalize all of the boats that race at HBYC events.   A description of these changes is posted on the HBYC web site.  I will also continue to award a “1/4 (.25) bonus point” for the winner of each race. For example, if there are 5 boats racing, the winner will receive 5.25 points, instead of 5 points. This helps to avoid ties in the Season Points total at the end of the season. 

Due to a lack of committee boats, I may have to designate a racer as the committee boat for races for which I can’t get a committee boat.  At this point I have a boat for the season opener.  If necessary, I will call specific racers to serve as a committee boat starting with the biggest and fastest boats.  I can accompany the crew and run the race or the racer can opt to run the race themselves as has been done in the past. 

After each race we will have an “after-race” gathering at a place to be announced for the racers, spectators, crews, committee boat crew, and spouse/partners of all participants.  We did this last year and it was a lot of fun!

This year I will:

* Use marks 1, 2, 6 or 7 as the starting mark so all starts will be to weather.

* Start Monohulls and Multihulls together if there are fewer than 2 Multihulls. If there are 3 or more Multihulls, Multihulls will start 5 minutes after the Monohull start.

* I will use a time on distance calculation for corrected time finishes.  This will allow you to easily calculate how much corrected time you gain or lose against each of the other competitors.

Racing your boat is one of the best ways to improve your sailing skills and to learn how to make your boat sail better and faster.  Come on out and join us and have some fun!  Our races are informal and fun and I would like to encourage everyone to come out and race with us. All members are welcome to crew.  

Bob Polk 
Race Director 2019


Race Director: Bob Polk

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